Eye-Catching CSS Charts That Will Revamp Your Data Reporting

Make your data reporting pop with eye-catching CSS charts! From pie charts to bar graphs, explore visually stunning ways to display your data.

Imagine this: You’ve got raw data, numbers that could make or break your next project. But here’s the catch, data alone is like a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Enter CSS charts—the heroes in the shadows that make those numbers sing on the web. They transform complexity into clarity, one pixel at a time.

In the realm of web development, the need for crystal clear data visualization is non-negotiable. Bland tables can’t wield the power of well-designed, interactive graphs. That’s why I’m diving deep into this topic, drawing on my frontline experience to show you how to bring data to life.

By the final punctuation mark, you’ll be equipped with an arsenal of CSS chart examples. From responsive pie charts that adapt like chameleons, to bar graphs that tell a story, your data points will evolve into narratives. I’ll walk you through the essentials—canvas-based graphs, the elegance of SVG chart integration, and the wizardry of JavaScript chart libraries.

Ready to empower each dataset with personality and purpose? Let’s chart this odyssey.

CSS Charts That You’ll Like

WordPress Charts And Graphs

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This Pen is 19% HTML & 81% CSS

By Bence Szabo

CSS chart animated

By Josh

Inspired by weekly css chart

Interactive SVG & CSS graph with segments, legend and hover effect

By Explosion AI

This Jade template generates an interactive bar graph using SVG and CSS. It was developed to data visualization on a blog and allowed the blog owner to generate a static illustration without affecting the original data.


By Nick Walsh

This is an attempted recreation of the color charts in Charles Hayter’s “A New Practical Treatise on the Three Primitive Colours Assumed as a Perfect System of Rudimentary Information.”

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pure css chart

By Arvin Xiang

CSS only pie chart

By Temani Afif

Animated UI circle, demo for client

By Frida Nyvall

It uses animate.css and wow.js to animate a slide in effect on the text. It also builds on previous pens to animate the circle and the counting numbers

D3 Line Chart Plotting Shot Attempts

By Brittany Storoz

D3 line chart plotting shot attempts for an NHL hockey game. Different point styles are used for goals vs. shots, tooltip appears on hover & additional details appears on click. Chart toggle underlays 5v4, 4v5 and 5v5 events during the game.

#DailyCSSImages 30 – Bar graph

By Champlow

HTML5 and CSS3 are only simple and responsive organizational charts.

Animated Data Bar Chart & Graph

By Ettrics

Interactive bar graph packed with information and animations. Built with CSS and jQuery.

Bars Chart

By Tadaima

A lightweight, customizable and ready-to-use 3D chart.

Graph – Loop 26

By Jorge Mendes

CSS Chart

By Marcello Africano

Css Chart

By Rayan Studio

Customisable Animated Donut Chart

By Hermann Frank

Here is a beautiful example of a minimalistic, clean animated chart that you could create with CSS but also with various chart tools. It’s also completely customizable. This animated doughnut chart can be effective for representing data when you carefully follow the codes provided by the web developer.

Circle Chart With Three Bars

By Chris Coyier


By Pe



Statistics card

By Sabine Robart

Financial chart UI design, animated svg line. Tooltips on hover. No Jquery nor javascript involved

Skills chart animation with a bit of Houdini magic (fully functional in Chromium only)

By Ana Tudor

Circle Bar Chart

By Frank Ali

This is a good circle bar chart with an attention grabbing gradient effect. In this link, you can see the web developer’s codes and learn how to make your own.

css – chart

By gahyun

CSS Chart

By Hugo Gomez

Simple and Responsive Organizational Chart (HTML5 and CSS3 only)

By Erin E. Sullivan

A simple and responsive organizational chart. HTML5 and CSS3 only. No jQuery. IE11 friendly.

CSS Only 3D Bar Graph

By Tim Ruby

3D CSS Bar Graph using basic practices. More coming later on.

highcharts demo

By Valentina

CSS Chart Circle

By Jeff Silva

SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip

By Hiro

A simple SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip. It can be integrated into a variety of different web projects. Codes are also provided in the link.

By Ana Tudor

Pie chart only for Blink browsers. Transition needs Experimental Web Platform features flag enabled. Bar chart fallback for other browsers.

SVG Pie chart with tooltip and mouse effects

By Ivan Rafael Lovera

The codes provided in the link allow you to make this SVG Pie chart with tooltip and mouse effects yourself. The pie chart has a minimal and effective design.

Cloud storage ui

By miyavibest

This cloud storage user interface includes a menu with Files, Photos, Music and Links tabs. It also includes other beautiful CSS jQuery charts and graphs you can learn to code.

CSS/SVG Animated Circles

By Kyle Edwards

Animated Chart

By Christian Naths

Dash Board

By miyavibest

Here are the HTML, CSS and JS codes for this dashboard chart. It has a beautiful design and is a great option for your next project.

CSS chart shapes

By Preethi Sam

Animated Graph – CSS

By Vanessa

Interactive SVG & CSS graph. Elements include segments, legend, and hover effect.

Animated bar chart

By Creative Punch

Simple animated bar chart. This could be made completely in CSS once there is support for using attr() with the “height” property. Hopefully, this will be a possibility in the future.

Responsive CSS Bar Graph

By Brad Oyler

This responsive CSS bar graph is easy to make. It can be designed with multiple colors that will be eye-catching on any device. Follow the link to learn how to make it and customize it to fit your needs.

Pure CSS Bars

By Rafael González

Enjoy these ‘ready-to-use’ Pure CSS Bars. For information on how to code Pure CSS Navigation triggers, just follow the CSS comments to get the bar’s code.

CSS 3D Animated Chart

By Evan Q Jones

3D prisms created solely with HTML and CSS3(D) transforms. Shaded with CSS gradients and animated with CSS transitions. AngularJS is used to wire up an updating dataset.

pure css chart with value (lea verou)

By Giorgia

CSS Animation: A Line Graph

By Olivia Ng

Getting the dots and line angles correct can be time-consuming.

Purple pie chart

By Anjanas_dh

html chart

By sean_codes

Pure CSS Donut Charts

By Jerry Low

Pure CSS donut charts where the actual numbers are configurable in the DOM rather than in CSS and in JS.

FAQ on CSS charts

How do you create a simple CSS bar chart?

Truth be told, it’s quite straightforward. You start with a basic list of data points. Each list item transforms into a bar with heights corresponding to the data values. Style them with CSS to pop with color and voila – a simplified bar chart emerges sans JS complexity.

Are CSS charts responsive and mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, yes. With the magic of media queries and flexible units like percentages and VW/VH, these CSS charts shape-shift seamlessly. In the mobile-first era, it’s essential. Your pie chart? It’ll adapt to screens from smartwatches to desktops, ensuring your visuals are as versatile as your audience is diverse.

Can CSS charts be animated?

Animate? Of course, they can! Use keyframe animations to breathe life into them. Watch bars slide, pie slices bloom, and lines draw themselves across the screen with just a dash of CSS wizardry. All this, creating an engaging narrative for your datasets.

What about interactivity with CSS charts?

You might think CSS is static, but pair it with pseudo-classes like :hover and :active, and interactivity enters the chat. Tooltips on hover? Done. Highlighting key metrics? Easy.

How do CSS charts compare to JavaScript chart libraries?

JavaScript libraries are feature-rich powerhouses; no denying that. However, CSS charts bring simplicity and lightness – no script overload. Think of them as the minimalist’s approach to data storytelling when complexities can take a backseat.

Are there limitations to using CSS for charting?

CSS excels at simplicity but hit it with elaborate, multi-layered data, and it could sweat. There’s a threshold where you might need to tag JavaScript in. For the most part, though? You’d be surprised at how far you can push pure CSS plotting.

Is it possible to create complex chart types with CSS, such as scatter plots?

While you can, it’s a lot like threading a needle with gloves on. It’s possible, but not without its set of acrobatics and clever positioning. If complexity levels spike, that’s where JavaScript lovingly interjects.

How do you ensure accessibility in CSS charts?

Accessibility is king. Use ARIA roles and ensure your charts are keyboard-navigable. Remember, a chart unseen or un-interpreted does no one any good. Your aim? Inclusivity in every pie slice and bar.

Can I use real-time data with CSS charts?

CSS handles the display, but for real-time data, you’ll need a sidekick – hello JavaScript and AJAX. They fetch the fresh data, while CSS ensures it looks sharp on the fly.

How do you tackle cross-browser compatibility in CSS charts?

Normalize CSS. Prefix where necessary, test across the board. Flexibility and fallbacks are your friends in the high seas of diverse browsers. With careful planning, your CSS chart can and will play nice with the wide web of browsers.


Wrapping up, we’ve waltzed through the wonders that are CSS charts examples, breaking them down from wireframes to colorful, dynamic narratives. They’re the unsung heroes, giving abstract numbers a voice and—dare I say—personality.

  • Saw how responsive design turns a static snapshot into a fluid visual feast.
  • Witnessed animations spark stagnant pixels into storytelling dancers.
  • Discovered that interactivity isn’t exclusive to the kingdom of JavaScript.
  • Realized the vast expanse between straightforward bar charts and the Sisyphean task of crafting a CSS scatter plot.

The takeaway? With CSS, you can steer data visualization into a realm where not only insights are gleaned but also delivered with a garnish of engagement and aesthetics. And while CSS has its boundaries, its capabilities are expanding, much like the universe – quietly, powerfully, inevitably. Now, armed with examples and know-how, you’re ready to transform your data into a visual dialog that speaks volumes—without saying a word.

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Eye-Catching CSS Charts That Will Revamp Your Data Reporting

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