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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what you need? We answer the most popular WordPress hosting questions.

WordPress hosting is a tailored type of web hosting service that is optimized for WordPress websites. Unlike generic web hosting services, WordPress hosting is designed specifically to meet the needs of WordPress users, providing a range of features and tools to help manage and optimize their websites. These can include automatic updates, backups, caching, and security features.

WordPress hosting is designed to offer better performance, speed, and reliability for your WordPress site, making it a popular choice for businesses and individuals who rely on a WordPress website for their online presence and revenue generation.

Each web hosting company we choose to cooperate with offers managed WordPress hosting that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a WordPress website.

All of our hosting partners provide top-of-the-line services and support that go above and beyond the norm.

We selected partners to enable you to go with any plan that meets your storage, traffic, and monthly visitor requirements, and to give you peace of mind knowing your WordPress site is in good hands.

Learn more about the managed WordPress hosting plans of our partners here:

Wp Engine

Managed WordPress hosting plans are an enhanced type of hosting service that includes management of WordPress specific tasks, which would otherwise have to be handled manually on a day-to-day basis.

Unlike standard hosting plans, managed WordPress hosting providers offer features such as automatic updates of plugins and themes, database and file backups, WordPress specific security, and multi-level caching to ensure sites run smoothly and efficiently.

Managed WordPress hosting plans put experts in charge of the time consuming, technical aspects of WordPress site management, freeing up clients to focus on content creation and website growth.

Yes, each of our hosting partners offers installation and migration tools & services to help get your websites up and running quickly and easily.

Migration services range from automated migration plugins, through to white glove migration support.

WordPress installation services range from one click installers, plugin selection wizards, site staging & cloning, through to enterprise level launch services.

All of our hosting partners provide 24/7 support teams. You will have access to live chat with WordPress experts whenever you need them.

Additional support services you will also find among our partners include live call support, knowledge bases, tutorials, webinars and recommendations for curated plugins and themes.

And just as hosting resources can be scaled as you grow, so too can support services, with the option of dedicated account management for enterprise level WordPress sites.

High quality hosting is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of your WordPress website, and there are big differences between available providers. You need more than just provision of space for your WordPress website, you also need a service that provides specialized features and tools that optimize site speed, security, and reliability.

We made sure to only partner with WordPress experts who deliver exceptional technical and service excellence, meeting high standards for performance. Among many other individual features, you will find that our hosting partners offer:

Hardened security
Frequent, automated website backups
24/7 support from WordPress experts
Enhanced website load speed
High website uptime standards
And much more

Yes! Each of our partners provide WordPress site optimized hosting services with specialized features that can significantly improve site speed, like custom caching architecture, automated image compression, site optimisation tools, and integrated content delivery networks (CDNs) with data centers all around the world.

Additionally, our hosting partners offer scalable or upgradeable resources, meaning they can handle increased traffic and content as your site grows.

For a small business website at the beginning of its journey, any of our partners’ plans will deliver an optimal experience.

That said, you may also wish to have a strategy in place to accommodate your future growth. In this regard, there are some key factors to consider that can help you choose the right host.

First, consider whether your initial needs will be to increase the number of websites you run, or the size of your existing websites. If you need to expand your WordPress website count, choose a service with plan upgrades that accommodate multiple sites. If you need to scale up the size of your website, choose a service that provides increased resources to meet your growing needs.

Second, if you plan on opening an online store, you may need to select a provider with eCommerce knowledge and specialized eCommerce plans. For instance, some providers offer WooCommerce-based store management.

Finally, if you anticipate scaling to a level where you require one-on-one support services that cater to the specific needs of your business, consider selecting a provider that offers a dedicated account manager or support team.

Absolutely. Handling every aspect of running the world’s most popular content management system by yourself can be extremely time consuming, and being able to adequately secure and optimize a WordPress site requires a great deal of learning and technical expertise.

Managed WordPress hosting ensures critical security and optimization is handled by experts who specialize in working with these tasks each and every day. This also means time you would otherwise spend on handling updates, security, configuration, backups and so on, instead goes into content creation and website management.

Managed WordPress hosting plans from our partners start at just a few dollars a month, which is less than many generic web hosts, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the benefits.