Social Media

Populate modules with data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Flickr.

WordPress Posts

Use data like title, content and featured image from your posts and show it in a Slider Revolution module.


Integrate WooCommerce products to create a powerful shopping experience for your website visitors!

Make Your Content
Come Alive

Slider Revolution brings visualizing dynamic content
to the next level.

An Beautiful Way To Show Your Social Media Feed

The video shows our Twitter Slider as an example of whats possible with dynamic content.

Slider Revolution currently supports dynamic data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Flickr.

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Show Your WordPress Posts
In A Slider

Want to always have a convenient slider with the latest blog posts on your home page?

Use data like title, content and featured image from your posts and show it in a Slider Revolution module.

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Showcase Your WooCommerce Products

Use WooCommerce data in Slider Revolution modules like: categories, tags, prices, stock counts, ratings, and many more!

The layout and design of your WooCommerce slider or carousel is completely flexible.

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Create Engaging Interactions To Captivate Your Visitors

Slider Revolutions thoughtful action system allows you to create simple and advanced interactions with any layer element.

Want that layer to make a 360° spin when a button is hovered? No problem!

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Expand Possibilities With

Slider Revolution 6 addons offers cutting-edge features that continue to push the boundaries of whats possible in web design.

From particles, distortions or bubble morphs to type writer and paintbrush effects: There is an addon that will fit your project perfectly!

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Publish Slider Revolution Modules
Anywhere You Want

Slider Revolution integrates seamlessly into the WordPress environment and works with YOUR favorite WordPress Theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to some common questions about using dynamic content with Slider Revolution.

With Slider Revolution’s intuitive and powerful interface, you can easily draw dynamic content from your social media feeds, WordPress posts, and WooCommerce products and use it to power visually appealing sliders, carousels and more. Slider Revolution allows you to easily customize every aspect of your presentation, including layout, typography, and animation, to create an unforgettable user experience that will leave a lasting impression on your site visitors. With Slider Revolution, you have everything you need to publish stunning, dynamic content from multiple sources on your website.

Slider Revolution is a versatile tool that allows you to integrate your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr feeds in a dynamic way on your web page. By incorporating your social media feeds into sliders and carousels, you can create a seamless user experience that encourages your audience to explore your social media profiles. Additionally, Slider Revolution offers a responsive design, ensuring that your social media content looks great on all devices, from desktops to mobile devices. With Slider Revolution, you can showcase your social media content in a way that is not only visually appealing but also highly interactive, resulting in a more engaging user experience.

Yes! Slider Revolution offers its own Gutenberg block, and many popular page editors and themes also include dedicated custom blocks for Slider Revolution content. This makes it easy to use Slider Revolution to create dynamic content based sliders and carousels, without needing any coding knowledge, then seamlessly integrate those content blocks into posts and pages. You can create as many content blocks as you want, and arrange them in any order you please. And if you need to use shortcodes, which can be used anywhere, for maximum versatility, we have that covered too. With Slider Revolution, you can take your website’s content to the next level and create an unforgettable user experience.

Yes! Slider Revolution is a powerful tool for showcasing your WooCommerce store products in a dynamic and visually appealing way. With Slider Revolution, you can design engaging and interactive sliders and carousels that showcase your products’ features and benefits. You can create effective dynamic content using your store’s prices, ratings, images and more, making your product pages come alive to boost engagement and conversion. By showcasing your products with Slider Revolution, you can break away from static content and offer your customers a more engaging shopping experience. With its intuitive interface and customization options, Slider Revolution is the perfect tool to make your WooCommerce store stand out and attract more customers.

Slider Revolution is a valuable tool for presenting your blog posts in a visually engaging and dynamic way. With its intuitive interface and vast customization options, Slider Revolution enables you to implement dynamic content into sliders and carousels and captivate your readers’ attention. You can easily create sliders and carousels that display your blog posts, add animations, and customize the layout and design to suit your brand’s style. By showcasing your blog posts with Slider Revolution, you can convert your every day website dynamic content into an interactive and engaging experience that encourages your readers to explore your content further.

Yes! Slider Revolution is a powerful tool for building complete one-page websites that are not only visually stunning but also highly interactive. You can use any of the 45+ ready made one-page website templates, then integrate content from social media feeds, WooCommerce products or WordPress posts. This makes it easy for anyone with any level of experience to create a fully dynamic page or a complete dynamic website that engages your site visitors.

Explore Slider Revolution Possibilities

You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive dynamic modules.